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About us

About us

One of the signs of progress in the world arena is the contribution of a country in the production and development of new science and technologies. We are now witnessing the increasing impact of the biotechnology industry in improving the quality and level of health of human societies. For example, every day, medicines and biological and recombinant products to deal with various diseases are introduced, produced and marketed by the scientists of this science. In today’s world, being equipped and leading in new technologies and achieving the latest scientific-research findings is one of the most effective factors in introducing and gaining global recognition for any country.

Sina Campus Process Company was established in 2016 with the benefit of experienced experts in the field of biotechnology with the aim of producing advanced laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment and providing a suitable platform for the fruition of the knowledge of the researchers of this region and region, and with the participation of several researchers of the country’s biotechnology , started his work and with an indescribable speed, he was able to demonstrate his special abilities during these few years and, realizing the shortcomings caused by the sanctions, with the cooperation of a group of experienced engineers, he decided to overcome the obstacles facing the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. reduce and share with other Iranian researchers in various universities and institutions in relying on domestic products and national belief in the field of biotechnology.

This knowledge-based company is supported by the Biotechnology Development Headquarters, the Center for Technological Cooperation and Innovations of the Presidency, honored in the Innovation and Prosperity Festival of the National Elite Foundation and a member of the Biotechnology Association, and during this time, it has aimed to benefit from the latest technologies in the world. And with effort, perseverance and creativity, provide efficient services and products at the highest level of quality. Customer support, criticism and satisfaction have been the most important means of growing our knowledge in these years. Therefore, we hope for the guidance and grace of the Almighty God and continue the successful path of the past with a new approach and with special attention to the opinions of our respected customers to provide quick and professional solutions and services.

One of the main activities of this company is research and innovation for current products as well as obtaining superior technical knowledge to produce high-tech products for the future, and having R&D and Q.C laboratories in the factory with all standard facilities and equipments. Also, the experienced and strong programming and electronic team produces and markets its products with high quality. With the entry of these products into the domestic market and its competitive strength with similar foreign products, the truth of this claim can be proven.

Currently, this company has the technical know-how to produce all kinds of biotechnology and research equipment, which it has presented to the market under the Sina brand name, and with its active presence in prestigious specialized exhibitions and exchange of information and communication with the scientific and research centers of the country, such as the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Iran, Biotechnology Development Headquarters, Pasteur Institute of Iran, Center for Technological Cooperation and Presidential Innovations and the National Foundation of Elites have been approved and paid attention to by many professionals in this field both inside and outside the country.

The ethical principles of this company are based on honesty, transparency and accountability. Everything we do is based on the customer’s request. We act on what we say and show importance, respect, compassion and humanity towards our colleagues and customers and we always act for the benefit of the society we work for.