Peristaltic pumps, positive pressure pumps are ideal for moving different fluids and transferring culture media, buffers and other solutions. The fluid passes through the flexible silicone hose due to compression between the pump head rollers and its body, and because the fluid is only in contact with the hose, the risk of contamination is completely eliminated. Peristaltic pumps are generally used for pumping clean and sterile fluids or corrosive fluids because the entry of contamination does not happen in these pumps.

Light and small design

Accurate and reliable

Easy access to the pump head

The possibility of changing the direction of the pumping flow

The possibility of easy and quick replacement of the hose

No need for periodic service and maintenance

The possibility of using this pump in all places and easy to move it

Quick conversion of a single-channel pump to a multi-channel one by simply changing the pump head

Compatible with various internal hose diameters from 1mm to 13mm

  • pharmaceutical Industries
  • military industries
  • research centers
  • Water and sewage industries
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Oil and petrochemical industries
  • Other industrial centers

The advantages of this device include easy installation and operation, low cost of maintenance, the possibility of changing the hose, excellent compatibility with all types of fluids. This device, by moving liquids with high precision and playing the same for a long time, has wide applications in cellular and molecular research institutes, medical diagnosis laboratories, hospitals and other related centers, as well as the possibility of being used in other industrial fields such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food. and they have petrochemicals.

Transmission without contamination and change of nature

Suitable for transporting corrosive fluids, fluids with abrasive particles, fluids sensitive to shear stress, viscous and sticky fluids.

No need for service and maintenance

No need for expensive components such as valves, diaphragms, and rotors, and as a result, no leaks, blockages, and rust.

Continuous operation

Suitable for continuous and long functions

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after sales service

This device includes a one-year warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.

By providing the highest level of after-sales service for our customers, we have been able to meet their needs in the shortest possible time, and without a doubt, providing this is only technically possible with the support of an experienced and experienced staff.