The laboratory shaker is one of the widely used devices in all diagnosis, measurement, quantitative and qualitative control and research laboratories, and this is due to the great importance of combining and mixing in all types of experiments. In fact, the laboratory shaker is an accelerator and catalyst in stimulating reactions at the molecular levels of substances.

It mixes the sample inside the container with a rotational movement on the horizontal surface. The important things for choosing this device are the speed of rotation, the diameter of the rotation, the size of the plate and the size of the flasks. Among its features, it can be mentioned that it does not cause vibration and produces less heat. That is why it can be considered an ideal device in microbial culture.

  • Easy settings
  • Completely silent movement
  • It has a timer up to 999 minutes
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Range of motion 40 mm
  • The minimum speed is 10 rpm and the maximum speed is 150 rpm
  • Ability to install shaker system in CO2 incubators
  • Equipped with a stepper motor, no need for periodic maintenance
  • Powered by wall adapter outside CO2 incubators
  • Powered by 12-24 volts, without risk of electric shock and completely safe
  • Adjustable holders in the height and length of the device (three rows are intended for height adjustment)
  • Motor flow control in such a way that in addition to easy movement in weights of more than 6 kg, if the user’s hand hits the moving parts of the device, the shaker loses its power.
  • All the parts of the device are made of steel and resistant plastic to withstand the high amount of humidity inside the incubator cabin.

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