Gas detection sensors that operate using optical methods behave similarly to a single-wavelength spectrophotometer. They measure the absorption level of CO2 gas molecules in the mid-infrared wavelength. In Sina sensors, this measurement is performed 90 times per second, and by analyzing the slope of the absorption curve and comparing these values with the reference beam, the concentration of CO2 gas molecules located in the path of the infrared light is determined.

All advanced sensors use an IR wavelength to measure the volume concentration of carbon dioxide gas. Our sensors also operate based on this method, and by utilizing active filters and adjusting the gain for each channel, they can accurately measure gas concentrations from 0.04% to 20% with a precision of 50 ppm, without being affected by the presence of other gases. The susceptibility to non-target gases in a process is a crucial factor, and cross-sensitivity plays a crucial role in defining the measurement quality of a sensor.

Simultaneously, a temperature sensor and a digital humidity sensor are integrated into the sensor transmitter board to measure temperature and relative humidity parameters alongside the CO2 gas measurement. All the data is reported to the controller in a unified format.

  • CO2 Incubators
  • Petrochemical and Oil Industries
  • Mining and Tunneling
  • Poultry Farms
  • Agricultural Research and Pesticides
  • One- and Two-Point Calibration (0 ppm – 50000 ppm)
  • Non-susceptibility to Humidity Levels Above 80%
  • Long Service Life
  • Reporting of System Errors
  • Repeatability Within the 20 ppm Range

CO2 parameters:
Detecting method: NDIR dual
Measurement range: 0-20 % VOL
Temp parameters:
Resolution: 0.08 °C
Measurement range: -10 … 70 °C

Humidity parameters:
Resolution: 0.1 %RH
Measurement range: 0 … 99 %RH

Transmitter parameters:
Communication format: Serial (TTL UART) 9600,8,0,1
Supply: 5 V DC
Max power consumption: 120 mA
Report interval: 500ms
Measurement data frame: H ##### T ##### Z #####\r\n
IR source life: >50000 hrs
Dimension (w.d.h): 62 mm . 42 mm . 27 mm
Operation range: -10 …65 °C / 0 …99 %RH non condensation
Sensor warm up time: 10 sec

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